ANZ Bank fail leaves Aussies stranded

May 22, 2024

ANZ Bank suffered a huge system outage yesterday (Tuesday 21 May 2024) affecting the ANZ app and internet banking leaving thousands of customers stranded without access to their money for at least four hours.

ANZ Bank advised customers that services started coming back online at 2.45pm yesterday and were fully operational by 7pm last night. ANZ Bank advised customers who are still having issues accessing their account to turn their devices off then on again.

ANZ Bank blamed a "third party vendor" for the problems and told customers that ATMs continue to be available. However ANZ have been removing ATMs from towns and suburbs all around Australia at a rapid pace.

ANZ Bank have been leading the the charge towards a cashless future by closing branches and ATMs despite having no plan for how their customers can access cash and face-to-face services.

The facts are that banks can't build a reliable, private, free cashless transaction system. So they really should be making sure they give us ready and easy access to cash.

Banks can't keep herding us toward their expensive, intrusive, unreliable cashless society when they can't ensure it works and everyone can use it all the time.

The big four banks sit at the heart of the Australian financial system. only they have agreements with the RBA to buy and distribute banknotes but they are not supporting cash.

Australians can't avoid opening a bank account - we all need an account to get paid. We can't escape the banks so the banks have to provide services and access to our money.

Now Australia is in a cash distribution crisis caused by the banks. It's up to the banks to solve this crisis by paying to ensure cash can be distributed throughout the nation.

The big banks must step up and take some responsibility to ensure we can access cash in our local community.

The big supermarkets must ensure that we can use cash to buy food and essentials.

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