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Cash Welcome provides a voice for Cash.

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RBA documents confirm cash is minimal risk is an industry initiative to provide a voice for cash and the millions of people who rely on cash every day.

Cash must be welcome throughout our economy to ensure that everyone can participate.

Cash is safe, private, reliable and surcharge-free.

Without cash, our economy is weaker because retailers and consumers are more vulnerable to computer failures, bank system outages and even online criminals.

Without cash, our privacy is at risk because all our transactions are recorded. Banks, lenders, insurers, search companies and others may ask for our transaction history or use our transaction information in ways we don’t understand.

With cash, everyone can budget easily, set limits and understand what’s going on, without fees and other parties in the transaction.

Cash bank notes are generally cleaner than plastic credit or debit cards says the Royal Australian Mint and other recent studies.

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