Our petition asks for mandated cash acceptance and cash access

May 10, 2024

Millions of Australian consumers and businesses trust and rely on cash for budgeting and buying their everyday needs.

Even Australians that don’t use cash regularly need access to physical money sometimes.

Without a guarantee of access to physical cash and a guaranteed right to use cash to buy food and essentials:

·         Local economies are weaker and vulnerable to system outages.

·         Many vulnerable people are effectively excluded from the economy.

·         Businesses are harder to manage.

As more of our transactions move to digital channels, more of our information is available to marketers, lenders, banks, payment companies and potentially to hackers and scammers.

I started this petition when my local bank branch closed down, despite long queues out the door every morning and especially on pension day. The branch closed and three ATMs disappeared. It was obvious the bank was not responding to consumer demand but trying to limit cash access and banking services. Now Commonwealth Bank wants to ban cash transactions over $500.

Australians have a right to privacy and to manage their money in ways they choose. My petition calls for:

We call for an Australian Banking and Cash Guarantee that includes these rights:

1)      All Australians must be able to have reasonable local access to cash and full banking services.

2)      All Australians must be able to choose cash when paying for food and essentials at physical retailers.

Print this poster for your community noticeboard

Only cash is private, reliable and surcharge-free. Only cash is inclusive and makes budgeting easy. Please share our petition calling for government to protect our right to access cash and our right to sue cash to buy food and essential groceries:


This campaign is now huge and making a big difference. Here is Natalie Barr on Sunrise talking about cash.

Please check out our Cash Welcome online shop or support our message by making a contribution to our:

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Yours sincerely,

Jason Bryce


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