Selling and Buying Online - Cash Only

Safety and Privacy

Selling and Buying Online - Cash Only

Fake payments reciepts and coordinated snatch-and-grab robberies are on-the-rise in the booming and scarcely regulated online marketplaces.

Stories of online and peer-to-peer sale fraud are growing and in so many cases, simple precautions and a cash-only payment could have saved heartache and dollars.

Here is a quick guide to selling safely:

Before the sale: 

  • List the item accurately and maintain your privacy, only include photos of the item when possible.
  • Ask for Cash-Only on your ads
  • Communicate through the platform to gauge the buyer or seller, if anything feels off, trust your gut and stop negotiation immediately.
  • Before the exchange it's wise to contact them off the platform, by e-mail or mobile as platform accounts can dissapear. (you can use a single-use email or mobile number for added security)

The Exchange:

  • Don't assume an online identity to be true, ask questions and make contact by mobile phone also when possible.
  • Choose a safe place to make the exchange, a surveilled community location or a police station are perfect. (an honest buyer should have no concern accepting this)
  • Take and Pay Cash-Only. Don't accept changes to the deal, or partial payment.
"Don’t hand over the item until you have cash in hand. Don’t accept partial payment, or anything other than cash for the transaction. If the method of payment changes from your previous agreement, decline the deal." "How to Safely Sell Something Online"

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